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Latex Mattress buyer guidelines to avoid fake product.

1.Best  latex mattress must not flaggy when  stand erect on the floor can’t  be perpendicular.

In delivery, It’s can tie with rope to fold and roll and after tie out will resilient.  In the other way, if your mattress stuff with other material, it can only bend a little and can’t roll or fold

2.  Best real latex mattress might have role or don’t have, but it must have soft skin not hard like ribbed sheets.

3. Although, in the production process must get rid of odor, but the real nature sap usually remain latex odor. The mild odor can acceptable and also quarantine as real latex mattress, not syntactic mattress.

4. The color of mattress should be in cream-colored, or Champagne, If it has white color, you can presume it as syntactic mattress.

5. The real latex mattress must have more weight but it’s easily to carry each corner of mattress to change cover sheet by oneself.

6. The mattress cover should not permanent sewing.  It must sewn zipper for open to check the mattress inside is real latex or not.
7. The mattress cover should not too thick because it will protect your body from real faying surface of latex. Moreover, you might misspend to buy luxury sheet, but in real you will covered it with bed sheet finally.

8. Para-latex mattress has different firmness specification to meet customer need. The specification of latex mattress both softness and firmness is not a factor to cause of backache. And Para-latex mattress also can’t treat backache; it’s just relieved your painful only. The best way for treat is consulting the doctor.

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