The latex mattress produce from natural 100% sap. Natural Latex conforms to the shape of your body, aligning your body perfectly for sleep .It supports transferring motion, make comfortable when you sleep. Considering the thickness, Latex foam mattresses can devices into 2 types.

  1. Topper - Latex Mattress pad topper is the thin type of latex mattress usually use to

       lying on the old  mattress.  The proper thickness should between 2.5-10 cm.

       (1-4 inches).

  1. Core Mattress is thick latex mattress topper type usually lying on bed or floor.

     The proper thickness should between 10-25 cm.


Density of latex foam mattress

Density of latex foam mattress usually have 4 levels ;

  1. Soft Density Type has density approximate 75-80 kg/ m³
  2. Midium Density Type has density approximate 80-85 kg/ m³
  3. Firm Density Type has density approximate 95-100 kg/ m³

4. Very Firm Density Type has density approximate 110 kg/ m³ up.


The customer guideline for choose Latex mattress pad topper and Core mattress.

Latex mattress pad topper

Latex mattress pad topper is a kind of thin latex mattress type (thickness 2.5-10 cm. or 1-4 inches) Most of people admired to choose medium density (density 80-85 kg/ m³). If you suffering from backache pain, the density in Firm Density Type or Very Firm Density Type is best for you. In addition, the customer who has weight over 100 kg. Up. The suitable density of your latex mattress should be Firm Density Type and Very Firm Density Type. It‘s suitable bearing capacity.


Size of Para- latex mattress.

To considering about Para-latex Mattress size, we usually consider wide of bed first. (size 3 foot = wide 90 cm.), (size 3.5 foot = wide 110 cm.), (size 5 foot = wide 150 cm.), (size 6 foot = wide 180 cm.) Because normally the bed usually has the same size standard length that is 2 m. (200cm.) In case customer wants more length, they can order as special and product to be the same size as bed that customer required.


Full standard bed sizes.


3 foot

3.5 foot

5 foot

6 foot

5x90x200 cm.

5x110x200 cm.

5x150x200 cm.

5x180x200 cm.

7.5x90x200 cm.

7.5x110x200 cm.

7.5x150x200 cm.

7.5x180x200 cm.

10x90x200 cm.

10x110x200 cm.

10x150x200   cm.

10x180x200 cm.

15x90x200 cm.

15x110x200 cm.

15x150x200 cm.

15x180x200 cm.

20x90x200 cm.

20x110x200 cm.

20x150x200 cm.

20x180x200 cm.

25x90x200 cm.

25x110x200 cm.

25x150x200 cm.

25x180x200   cm.

Latex Mattresses are available in a variety of firmnesses to fit your sleeping habits. To choose the best density latex mattress as your desired. You should ask the salesman for all different density as much as they have in stock and testing if you can. Lying on to test will greatly improve your chances of a receiving an extremely comfortable mattress.


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